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The 9/11 news special you never saw…The so-called war on terrorism is drilled hypnotically into public mind as the imperative reality. Washington insists all other values and project must bend to a template for our lives. Leaders, confident that few will dare question this Western jihad, use it to traffic in fear. “Terror” goes undefined. But the “war on terror” is actually a war of terror – and deceit. Western and allied operatives cherry pick from millions of files to come up with names and information, real and/or fabricated, from which to fashion “terror alerts” and arrest “terror suspects,” almost all with Arab names. Big headlines and the familiar “mug shots” always follow. Most of these suspects are much later released without even charges being laid. And the follow-up stories are tiny or non existent. In any other area all this would trigger outrage. Incredible, most academics and journalists supinely accept this “war” as valid, despite the obvious fact that it is transparently self-serving. It reaps profits for the arms and security induces, bestows power on the military, and rounds up votes for politicians. In The Great Conspiracy a few of the many anomalies of 9/11 are explored in some depth: Why didn’t a singly military jet interceptor turn a wheel until it was too lat? What can explain George Bush’s actions and inactions on that day? Why did the twin towers come down vertically like a demolition? What was the nature of the 9/11 commission (set up so late)? Is its report a sophisticated cover-up? What should we do?