About Me and the site

This is the first post on my new site which i hope will grow into something great. Im gonna be linking all the best videos,pictures,movies and games on this site and some great PSP info. Sure theres probably 1000’s of sites like these but i hope to provide the best content and news out there.

Video Sites:
Im a big fan of youtube.com etc and have loads of links to great videos online i hope to share them all with you and likewise. We are in the age of video online and its only gonna get bigger. I also find myself trying to get good documentaries online as well and im gonna be posting the great ones out there.

Im a massive PSP geek i think the PSP is a hugely underrated piece of technology. It can do almost anything from playing games, music and video, browsing the net, watch Stream video, listen to online radio stations,remote control your TV, watch TV im sure theres more heck you can even use it to remote control your TV!

Im a huge PC Games fan and enjoy playing a great PC Games. At the moment there are so many great PC Games out there thats it hard to know where to start. Some examples:

Command & Conquer 3
Company of heroes
Stalker-shadow of Chernobyl
Supreme Commander
Sid Meiers Railroads
Rainbow six Vegas

Im also a world of warcraft player the hugely popular MMORPG that has over 8 million subscribers world wide.